Clients and optional modules

The architecture of fe.screen-sim essentially consists of a multi-user core-client application, where the client represents the user interface and connects to the core via network.

Multi-user capability thanks to client core structure

The calculations for the simulation model run in the core. In addition, there are the complex physical calculations, such as acceleration and gravity. The client, which contains the 3D view and all standard control elements, connects to the core module.

Because several clients can connect to a core, fe.screen-sim makes it possible for several users to work on one project and build large projects. Different user rights can also be assigned.

Optional modules

fe.screen-sim offers a number of optional modules to extend the range of functions – suitable for the respective requirements and areas of application. Learn more about the individual modules:

Quick preparation of CAD models according to the desired level of detail.
Import of plant CAD data: SolidWorks, Step, JT, OBJ, FBX, etc.
Simulation of human interaction within the process.
Recording of simulation sequences, free movement through 3D simulation environment
Module for the simulation of electric monorail systems and vehicles.
Dive into the simulation thanks to virtual and augmented reality.
Creation of user-defined flow logic in FBD and C#.
Simulation of control elements for better structuring.
Combining simulation models and defining them as new objects.
Module for the simulation of power & free conveyor systems with two rails.
Simulation of logistics warehouses.


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