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fe.screen-sim – 3D simulation software for logistics, conveyor technology, mechanical engineering and robotics.
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With fe.screen-sim the industrial IT business unit of the automation specialist F.EE has established a 3D simulation software in the sector that enables simulation, planning and virtual commissioning for complex conveyance engineering systems as well as mechanical engineering, robotics and logistics.

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What is virtual commissioning?

With virtual commissioning, you create a digital image of your systems and machines – a so-called "digital twin" that behaves exactly like the real system/machine. The time and costs involved are considerably reduced.

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Are there examples of virtual commissioning?

Watch videos on current simulation projects and virtual plant commissioning. In this video you get an overview of the numerous new features and advantages of the 2018 introduced version 4 of fe.screen-sim.

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What is a digital twin?

The term digital twin is often used as a synonym for virtual commissioning. But there is more behind the term.



How is the software structured?

In order to guarantee maximum flexibility, fe.screen-sim is based on a modular software structure. Here you will find a detailed overview of the individual modules, extensions, interfaces and software plugins.

Software structure and license model

The "fe.screen-sim"

The "fe.screen-sim" sets new standards in the emulation of PROFINET devices when creating digital twins

The communication box emulates the PROFINET participants of the PLC so that these - including safety signals - are available for the PLC in the network. Connected controllers can be operated easily without noticing any difference to real fieldbus devices. The "" scores points with its ability to emulate up to 3,500 participants as well as simple administration and integration via a web interface.

All information about the 

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Browse through a variety of different tutorials as well as videos on already realized projects and the latest features of the simulation software "fe.screen-sim" in the new "SIM.ACADEMY". In addition, you have the opportunity to experience the simulation tool in practice in online webinars and workshops and to get to know the latest features. In the documentation section we provide you with helpful documents. So, let's get started!

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