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fe.screen-sim has now become well-established in the field of 3D simulation technology for industry. The advantages and unique selling features of the software have already succeeded in convincing the following customers.

Customer testimonials

"The simulation program enables us to influence the design already in the project planning phase. Possible weak points in the plant layout are recognized in advance. Thanks to fe.screen-sim, the commissioning times of our plants could be significantly reduced".

Thomas Ostheimer, Managing director of ATTEC Automation GmbH

"When our employees were asked to deal with the topic of simulation for the first time in 2014, mainly our experienced colleagues were initially somewhat sceptical. Especially regarding the new workload in the prototype phase. But the key experience was the implementation of a new electric monorail system for car doors. For this project, we had only four weeks on site for commissioning and had to integrate about 500 transport vehicles and 250 assembly vehicles into the production. We virtually set up the complete plant including 8 PLCs and carried out a virtual commissioning including tests of all storage logics and even the preliminary acceptance by the customer with fe.screen-sim. This was actually the breakthrough for our staff, as the commissioning itself was absolutely unproblematic. We made a 100% production start and were able to start the availability test after only one week of production. Since then, all plants at F.EE have been commissioned virtually."

Franz Weinzierl, Technical Managing Director, F.EE GmbH

"Working with F.EE's solutions for virtual comissioning has significantly reduced our commissioning times and significantly increased the software quality. The effects were visible in more satisfied customers and employees. Today, we can no longer imagine installing new plant sections without prior simulation with fe.screen-sim. By interconnecting several client units, we can now also simulate and test plants with several Sinumerik controllers and a large number of axes. In doing so, several employees work in parallel on the same model in different plant areas. Since the beginning of our cooperation, the F.EE team has responded very helpfully and quickly to our suggestions and tasks." 

Roger Kirsch, Chief Technology Order Felsomat GmbH & Co. KG

"Thanks to the simple way of creating models, we were able to reduce the modelling time. The connection via an API also offers a variety of possibilities to further automate the modelling process in the future. During virtual commissioning, fe.screen-sim makes it possible to make changes to the model during runtime and also to intervene in the simulation scene. This allows the rather small time window of virtual commissioning before real commissioning to be used more effectively."

Matthias Gies, GROB-WERKE GmbH & Co. KG,

"By integrating fe.screen-sim into the KLOTZ tool chain, virtual commissioning has become a reality in our company. This valuable tool – combined with our powerful KinRig software, for efficient plant automation – extremely increases the maturity of our PLC programs. And this is already possible well before commissioning in steel and iron. The consistent digitization of our plants is a game changer that gives us a measurable competitive advantage, especially in times of supply bottlenecks. Due to the openly accessible fe.screen-sim software by means of SDK/API, we are very flexible and can adapt, extend or supplement existing functionalities of fe.screen-sim to our needs. The fe.screen-sim development team is always a reliable development partner and is very responsive to suggestions for improvement. The provided interfaces to the real-time and robot systems in combination with our simulation environment form a solid basis for virtual commissioning." 

Jörg Thomas, Klotz GmbH

"Mass tests, availability tests, performance analyses and troubleshooting - these are all activities that can normally only be performed during commissioning. F.EE's valuable tool allows this to be done before the start of commissioning. Our internal development can, thanks to the accessible fe.screen-sim software and by means of SDK/API, very flexibly adapt, extend or supplement existing functionalities to our needs. The F.EE development team is always a reliable development partner and is very responsive to suggestions for improvement. The interfaces provided to the systems, in conjunction with fe.screen-sim, form a solid basis for virtual commissioning."

Patrick Spinotti, KNAPP AG

"With fe.screen-sim, we at KUKA Systems were able to take virtual commissioning to a new level. The behavioral model is closer to reality and the performance of the software lets us visualize larger areas in a 3D visualization. The software's multicore architecture helps us to work together as a team on one model."

Thomas Kirner, KUKA Systems GmbH

 "FEE fe.screen-sim simulation software is time efficient and effective in shortening PLC debugging process. Its outstanding feature of detecting bugs in PLC program allows PLC engineers to correct the bugs and thus prevents bringing hazards into plants. The software has API and SDK interfaces which allows users to make secondary development of efficient tools. In short, FEE fe.screen-sim is a practical simulation software."

Jimmy Chen, Shanghai New Era Automation Technology Co., Ltd.


"The simulation is so easy to create that you don't even need a help file - a really good usability. The simulation team is very helpful and willing to make any useful adjustments in the software. The features that had to be specially created for us were specified in a very tight time frame and developed on schedule. A simply beautiful and effective cooperation."

Michael Bock, System Logistics GmbH, a subsidiary of Krones AG

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