fe.screen-sim emulation.box


The "fe.screen-sim emulation.box" – New possibilities in virtual commissioning

With the "fe.screen-sim emulation.box", we are setting new standards in fieldbus emulation with up to 3,500 participants.
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New possibilities in virtual commissioning and the creation of digital twins

The new "fe.screen-sim emulation.box" from F.EE emulates the PROFINET participants of the programmable logic controller so that these - including safety signals - are available for the PLC in the network. Connected controllers can thus be operated simply and identically to real fieldbus devices. This enables both coupling to real controllers and mixed operation of real and virtual devices during system simulation with "fe.screen-sim".

The "emulation.box" scores with intuitive administration and configuration via a web interface – this also ensures fast, uncomplicated integration into virtual commissioning. The communication box sets new standards, particularly in terms of the number of devices that can be simulated: in addition to a version for up to 700 devices, an "emulation.box" is also available for integrating up to 3,500 fieldbus devices.

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