The Interaction module is used to define control elements (e.g. buttons, fuses, motor protection, etc.) via XML files and offers additional support for the user during the virtual commissioning of the plant, especially with regard to a better structuring of the elements.

Diverse possibilities for emulation of operating elements

The module provides a graphical 2D editor for the arrangement and working with the control elements. At the same time, the simulation also generates control cabinets in 3D with the respective elements. Interactions and operation are possible both in the 2D editor and in the 3D simulation and adjustments are made in both directions.

The user can create predefined graphic buttons for replicating plant operating elements - such as push-buttons and switches – dynamically over the running period and positioned on individual operating surfaces, in order to achieve better structuring of the elements. This facilitates the replication of complete system operating consoles and control cabinets for example.


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