Simple creation of simulation models from CAD and new functions in fe.screen-sim V4

The task

Companies want an automated, simple and fast creation of simulation models for their existing or new plants.


The problem

CAD data is available in the form of 2D or 3D data and must therefore be transferred to the simulation with as little loss as possible. In essence, however, during the design phase, no thought was ever given to making this data available to other systems, such as a simulation environment. In addition, extra information required for creating a simulation model is not contained in the CAD data, but in other data sources such as Excel, Visio, databases and others.

The solution

In fe.screen-sim we can access different data sources using an API and automatically create a simulation model – with information from different data sources. Bidirectional data exchange is possible, i.e. if data is changed in the simulation, it is also transferred to the CAD system or its subsystems. fe.screen-sim can be adapted to the existing data structures and the data need not be changed to create a simulation model.

If no CAD data is available, a virtual model can simply be created with the fe.screen-sim Client Editor. The editor offers an intuitive operation and enables a quick creation of a plant model. It is helpful to have access to an extensive object library to implement the necessary technical components in the simulation.

New Features in Software Version 4

fe.screen-sim V4 contains many new features:

  • New robotics interfaces, e.g. Fanuc RoboGuide, ABB Studio, Kuka Office Lite.
  • New drivers for PLC systems, such as Allan Bradley and Beckhoff.
  • New CAD import function for importing common CAD formats such as JT, STEP, SolidWorks.
  • New C# logic elements, e.g. for the functional mapping of drives.
  • Coupling to new third-party applications, e.g. MATLAB®/Simulink®, WinMOD®, TwinCat.

Find out more about fe.screen-sim on the product website.

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