Challenges faced when introducing virtual commissioning (VC)

The introduction of a VC solution in a company is connected with a number of challenges. Knowing these challenges and the development of own strategies contribute to the success of the first project.

Project initiation

First and foremost, the introduction of a VC solution is recommended within the framework of a pilot project. A defined project schedule should be based on a precise definition of the project objectives and the responsible employees. In doing so, the appropriate and necessary resources should be made available in the company. Thus, it is already clear in the first step that the introduction of a solution for virtual commissioning must not be a side project that can be implemented in addition to the daily business.

Clarification of the objectives and expectations of those involved

Clarify in advance the expectations of the management, the specialist departments and, if necessary, those of your customer, so that you can take countermeasures in good time. What results do you expect from VC and how detailed should the model be? What should be simulated?

Learning curve

Consider your learning curve in the first projects. You will have to invest a little more time in the first projects to gain your own experience. Plan for this right away so that you have the model ready by the desired time.


The model creation and VC requires a sufficient coordination with all involved persons from the departments, partner companies and customers. The cooperation of the different disciplines in the engineering process is put on a new basis and intensified.

Data preparation

The initial data, such as the CAD data, will not be 100% suitable at first, so that they can be used optimally for the simulation. Here, adjustments may still be necessary, also with regard to future projects.

IT support

Integrate your IT into the project in time to create the necessary infrastructure and access to necessary data.

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