Software expansion interfaces

Since fe.screen-sim version 4, the software can be extended independently and thus adapted to special requirements and wishes depending on the company. This is possible thanks to an SDK and an API for implementation of own functionalities and interfaces. Examples for own simulation objects (ScenObjects), own interfaces (TCP patterns) and own plugin modules (menu and function extensions) are included.

The basic kernel of fe.screen-sim can be purchased on request as Software Development Kit (SDK) in C#. This opens up almost limitless possibilities for the user: New simulation components, operating and control elements, menus and much more can be created. This makes the 3D simulation software independent and expandable.

Furthermore fe.screen-sim has a new interface for application programming (API - Application Programming Interface). Manual applications components can be created and used for interaction. Own applications and tools simplify recurring work, whereby additional time advantages can be compiled during the production and execution of the virtual start-up.

Software Development Kit
Application Programming Interface

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