ComTool – The additional tool for real commissioning

ComTool (Commissioning Tool) with its various plug-ins serves as support during the actual commissioning of a plant and can relieve commissioning engineers of some routine activities and checks that were previously processed using Excel lists, for example.

Structure and plug-ins

The "ComTool" supports you with the I/O-, ZuLi- and Station-Check plug-ins during real commissioning and simplifies these as well as their documentation enormously. On the one hand the tool can be used independently and on the other hand it can be integrated into the 3D simulation software fe.screen-sim. With the "ComTool Advanced", it also offers the possibility for own plug-in developments.

ComTool structure plan

ComTool system requirements

  • Standard PC (Windows 7 or 10).
  • ComTool standard license per company.
  • Required plug-ins (floating license).

I/O-Check plug-in

Screen I/O-Check Plug-in

The "I/O-Check" is used for the logged test of the I/O level during real commissioning. The symbol lists - for example from TIA, Step7 - are imported and then compared with the real controller during connection setup. Signal changes are displayed directly in the "I/O check" and can also be exported as Excel files at any time. The commissioning procedure could therefore look as follows, for example: The sensor is damped by the employee, the signal change is then displayed in the table and can be marked as "tested".


  • Logged I/O test.
  • I/O test without programming software (Step7).
  • Optimized for fast and effective I/O check with construction site conditions.
  • I/O test can be carried out in advance by electricians / subcontractors.

ZuLi-Check plug-in

Screen ZuLi-Check Plug-in

With the plug-in "ZuLi-Check" symbol lists can be easily compared. This is necessary because both the e-plan and the control software can change in the course of a project. To ensure, for example, that no signals are forgotten, old and new statuses can be compared with the ZuLi check. There is also the option of optimizing the data received. For example, characters can be replaced, prefixes or suffixes added and much more. The data can be imported directly from Step7, Excel or similar data sources and then exported back to Excel for further use.


  • Quick and easy data synchronization for symbol lists.
  • Data can be post-processed for use in programming software (Add Prefix, Replace, Remove Spaces).
  • No surprises in the control software for large changes to the symbol list. 

Station-Check plug-in

Screen Station-Check plug-in

The "Station Check" completes the plug-in portfolio of the ComTool. Checklists can be defined on the basis of templates. Thanks to the convenient user guidance, you have a better overview of the tests still to be carried out compared to the Excel lists that have been used so far. Another major advantage is the synchronization of data for definable participants via the network. This means that, if necessary, all commissioning engineers have the current status available and can pass it on at any time by exporting it to Excel. The import option from Excel makes it possible to create large checklists containing many devices with very little effort. In addition, open points can be noted for each test case. 


  • Overview of the progress of commissioning at any time.
  • Synchronization via network with several persons.
  • Current status permanently available for transmission.

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