Core and communication interfaces

High performance thanks to a strong core: In fe.screen-sim, the core forms the physical calculation system in the simulation. The core module runs in the background and ensures the smooth and high-performance simulation of your plant. The high performance enables the realization of large and complex projects.

Interfaces for software expansion, for communication and separate applications

The core contains the connecting points to all other important modules that make the realization of a functioning digital twin possible in the first place:

  • Communication interfaces, such as to a PLC, a database or a robot system.
  • Interfaces for software expansion via SDK (Software Development Kit) and API (Application Programming Interface).
  • Separate applications, such as the ComTool for support during real commissioning or the FastCabWireTool for faster switch cabinet wiring.

The core has the special feature that it can also be operated on another PC. The more power the processor of the PC has, the better. Thanks to multithreaded implementation fe.screen-sim supports all new and upcoming multiprocessor CPUs from AMD and Intel. If required, particularly large simulation systems can also be distributed over several cores.

Module for PLC connection: Siemens, Allen Bradley, Rockwell and more.
Module for database support.
Module for the connection of subsystems such as MATLAB®, Simulink®, ABITRON, etc.
Individual software expansion thanks to SDK and API.
View module for passing on simulation models.
Connection to tools from common robot manufacturers.
Independent on-site tools for commissioning engineers.

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