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Planning, simulation and virtual commissioning

Conventional commissioning of plants and machines requires a considerable amount of time and money. Especially if there are disturbances and delays. The permanently shortening project implementation times also require a shortening of the commissioning phase with increasing complexity and an increasing variety of machines and systems. These factors also make it difficult to calculate conventional commissioning.

Digital twin: For more efficiency, planning and risk minimization during plant commissioning

The solution to this problem is the use of 3D simulation software. fe.screen-sim stands for a practical and operator-optimized work approach; specially developed to enable simulation, planning and virtual commissioning of complex machines and systems. Companies that use a digital twin with fe.screen-sim often name the following benefits in addition to cost reduction:

  • Reduction of commissioning time on the real system/machine by up to 70 percent.
  • Faster evaluation of concepts, changes, etc. in the virtual environment.
  • Significantly higher software quality with less manpower.
  • Risk minimization during commissioning at the customer's premises.

fe.screen-sim has a modular structure and is used by numerous companies from different industries, such as logistics, materials handling, robotics, handling, handling, etc.

Simulation projects on video

Experience fe.screen-sim in action and watch the latest simulation videos on virtual commissioning.

In this example: An electronic monorail for the automobile production: A comparison between the real plant in test mode and the 3D simultaion for the virtual commissioning with fe.screen-sim.

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What can the software do?

fe.screen-sim enables testing of the sensor systems, throughput times and PLC software quickly and easily in every project phase and not only after the design has been completed. From the first processing phase, the complete visualisation of a system is available via fe.screen-sim.

What systems is it suitable for?

The software is highly suitable in particular for all types of conveyance systems, including accumulator and sorting processes, automation systems with robots, grippers and processing tools.

All basic modules for the generation of system components are included. The physical calculation system sim-Core enables the simulation of complex systems with many hundreds of conveyance elements. This delivers planning capability and risk reduction with commissioning.

fe.screen-sim can also be used across the entire life cycle for the optimisation of the system. Also possible are testing different process and problem scenarios, the development of emergency strategies and use in staff training.

What are the performance features and advantages?

User-friendly, tried and test, economical and efficient

fe.screen-sim has been designed by software developers from plant construction, whereby their requirements for simple and intuitive 3D simulation software with exclusively practice-orientated functions was the focus of the development.

Automation robotics and electrical engineering – two of the business areas of the F.EE company group – provided the inspiration for the development of fe.screen-sim. They steer and support the practice-oriented further development for Simulation 4.0. Switching between the design and test phase is superfluous. The position, number, size and orientation can be adjusted without rebooting a program component. This ensures efficiency and saves time.

Project planners for motor vehicle manufacturers, supplier operations and logistics companies value the uncomplicated and practice-orientated approach with the generation of simulation projects for virtual commissioning. fe.screen-sim impresses with program performance and usability.

fe.screen-sim is one of the first 3D simulation programs on the market to support so-called multi-user capability. Multiple users can work on one simulation model simultaneously via the network.

Because the individual software components can be procured separately and individually, economical entry is possible.

On request, F.EE offers complete generation or support with all necessary components of virtual commissioning, as well as customer-specific developments.

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What do Virtual and Augmented Reality deliver with system simulation?

The integration of an interface for VR and AR glasses allows the user to immerse themselves in the simulation. With this, it is possible to better estimate sizes and distances. New, impressive representation possibilities become available. Visit us at one of the upcoming trade fairs and experience it for yourself!

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In which areas of the company can the simulation be used?

Flexibility is a header that has always played an important role in the development of fe.screen-sim. Synergy effects can be optimally used and potentials exploited to the greatest possible extent by implementing the 3D simulation software in all divisions of the company.

Simulation models can be created directly in fe.screen-sim without using an existing database.

Also, it is possible to import data from CAD programs, where many file formats (e. g. FBX, OBJ, WRL, JT, etc.) are supported.

In addition, programmable logic controllers (PLC) of various manufacturers (e. g. Allen Bradley, Rockwell, Schneider Electric, Siemens) can be integrated in fe.screen-sim.

Of course, the simulation of robots from various manufacturers – including ABB, Fanuc and KUKA – is also possible.

An SQL database interface ensures the smooth integration of fe.screen-sim in the workflow.


  • Intuitive and simple operation.
  • Multi-user capability.
  • High power and performance.
  • Cost savings through a reduction in commissioning times.
  • Verification and validation of the software.
  • Possibility of software preliminary acceptance inspection.
  • Optimisation of complex software algorithms.
  • Testing of process and problem scenarios, as well as emergency strategies without production pressure.
  • New and innovative representation possibilities with the 3D viewer.
  • Open interfaces with other systems.
  • Efficiency through user-defined process logic.


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