Problem solutions, new approaches, further development of virtual commissioning: Here you will find worth reading information on the topics of plant simulation and digital twins.

Changing the engineering process through virtual commissioning

First model, then realise

Our head of sales of fe.screen, Werner Pospiech, provides an interesting insight into the world of virtual commissioning in the special chapter "Factory Planning and Commissioning" of the trade journal "IT&Production". You are welcome to read in this technical article how simulation software can support virtual commissioning and at the same time shorten the project time and simplify commissioning. 

Technical article

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"Virtuelle Inbetriebnahme: Methoden, Vorgehensweise, Nutzen": Read our latest whitepaper and get more in-depth information on the topic of plant simulation and how to implement it. Currently this whitepaper is only available in german but we are working on it.

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Challenges faced when introducing virtual commissioning

The introduction of a VC solution in a company is connected with a number of challenges. Knowing these challenges and the development of own strategies contribute to the success of the first project. 

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42 Good reasons for plant simulation with fe.screen-sim

There are many reasons for using a simulation solution for digital plant twins. 

Here we have listed them

Easy creation of simulation models from CAD and new features in fe.screen-sim V4

CAD data of plants are available in the form of 2D or 3D data. In essence, however, no thought has ever been given during design to being able to make this data available to other systems, such as a simulation environment. So how can simulation models of plants be created easily and quickly?

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Virtual commissioning closer to reality than ever: New version 4 of fe.screen-sim available

The 3D simulation software for increased efficiency, plannability and risk minimization during the commissioning of machines and systems in the areas of materials handling, logistics, mechanical engineering and robotics makes a quantum leap with Version 4.0 - both in terms of functionality and in terms of appearance and fidelity to reality.

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Driving digitalization through plant simulation and virtual commissioning

Conventional commissioning of complex plants and machines can cause considerable cost and time expenditure. Especially when they do not run as planned. With "virtual commissioning", a so-called "digital twin" of the plant is created by importing the design data before the real assembly and commissioning.


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Digital twin: Learn what is behind the term

Learn what is behind the term

Which industries use simulation?

Industry overview: What industries use virtual commissioning

Industry overview