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fe.screen-sim: Modules

The heart of the program

Each fe.screen-sim application connects with the Core, the heart of the software. As such, vast scope for interaction exists.


The Core administrates and calculates all individual parts and components that are in the simulation system, and supplies the clients with finished data in this way. Through this, it is possible to emulate and use complete industrial plants in one system.

The Core is always available for the execution of simulations and interactions. The insertion of a new element or the adjustment of positions - everything is possible at any arbitrary time point and without switching between simulation and programming. This accelerates the creation and validation process of the virtual system.

Furthermore, the Core forms the central connection with the controls. Each signal interaction is actuated from the Core, whereby a clear and clean connection is established with the controls - and this directly, without additional hardware or on request also with the “SIMBA-Box” from Siemens.



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